The Code of the Community

Fetchstr is on a mission to bring friends together to discover value. Order paper towels on a Monday, return the favor on a Tuesday. Fetchstr presents new opportunities to connect with friends in your community, making life just a little bit easier.

Your community is just a list of friends you haven't met yet.

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Be responsible

Fetchstr makes it easier to earn money while on the go but we can't do it without you. Every order requires trust. If you are having an issue fetching an order, running late, or changed your mind about something, please let each other know.

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Fetchstr ethics

We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to violations of being a good Fetchstr citizen. If you infringe on another members security, privacy, or safety, you will be removed from the app and community.

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Haters not welcome

Always remember the golden rule, treat others as you’d like to be treated. Remember, the people you talk to and engage with on Fetchstr are your own friends and neighbors.

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No scams

We will remove any user who impersonates another person or entity, sends inappropriate messages, posts misleading or fake requests to the Fetchstr community. If you have witnessed any of this type of behavior please report it to through the Fetchstr app.

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Know the law

It’s your responsibility to understand all your local laws and make sure it’s legal for you to buy or fetch your items on Fetchstr.

Fetchstr will take immediate action against known violators of this Code of Conduct. If you are seeing or know of something that doesn't seem right or live up to our standards, please let us know.