How do I choose to fetch orders?

Fetching orders is all about convince so we designed and built a few different ways to make it easy for you to Fetch an order. You will automatically receive order alerts if you set your Fetchstr role to `Fetchstr Life` or `Big Money`.

You can choose to Fetch orders in the 3 following ways:

  1. Depending on your role you will start receiving alerts when orders are placed nearby.
  2. You can browse all orders on the `Places` screen, which appear as pin-drops.
  3. On the `Places` screen, you can tap the list icon to view all placed orders in a list view. You can then filter the orders by Fetch Fee, Distance, or Expiration time.


What are the steps to fetch an order?

After you choose an order to Fetch, you will then be prompted on how to finish fetching the order.

  1. Head to the store or restaurant where the order was placed at.
  2. If the order is placed at a restaurant, place the order on their behalf. 
    If the order is placed at a store, grab the items from the shelf.
  3. After you get the items, pay for the order.
  4. Take a photo of the receipt in the app, then enter the order amount shown on the receipt.
  5. Wait for the person who placed the order to confirm the receipt and amount.
  6. Once confirmed, deliver the order to the Drop-off location.
  7. Rate the person who placed the order and get paid!


What are Fetchstr roles?

Your Fetchstr role will determine how often you make money on Fetchstr. Each role is different and affects how often and when you receive order alerts from the community to make money on Fetchstr.

There are 3 roles:

  1. No Requests — You won't receive any order requests. This is a good option if you don't ever want to earn money on Fetchstr. 
  2. Fetchstr Life — You will only receive order requests when you're nearby or at a store where an order is placed. This is the recommended option as it provides maximum convenience. 
  3. Big Money — You will receive all order requests in your area. This is the best choice if you want the opportunity to earn the most money. 


What are the requirements to be a Fetchstr?

To be a Fetchstr, you must be at least 18 years of age, and the information you provide us with is accurate, complete and current at all times. Fetchstr maintains a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy. To report any suspicious intoxication, please email us at support@fetchstr.com.


How do I get paid?

Fetchstr stores your bank details so you don't need to update it every time. Any money you earn will be directly deposited to your saved bank account. Our payments are processed by Stripe. The first time you get paid it may take up to 5 days to receive your money, but going forward you will be paid every 2 days. Please review Stripes FAQ's should you have any further questions or concerns about receiving payments.


Who pays for the items at the store?

The person Fetching the items pays for the items at the store. Upon delivery you will be fully reimbursed and receive your Fetch Fee + Tip.


What if I get lost and don't know where the store or drop-off location is?

Fetchstr makes it easy to keep you in the right direction by using a map with turn-by-turn navigation. After you accept an order simply tap the map to expand it, then click "Directions" on the top right for turn-by-turn navigation. 

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