The Fetch Feed & Offering to Fetch

What is the Fetch Feed and how to Offer to Fetch?

The Fetch Feed is a unique way to order, and earn money, making delivery more efficient and even faster. Offers to Fetch are alerts from users in the community, who are currently at stores and restaurants, and are looking to pick something. All offers are localized, so you wont receive any notification outside of your area. Offers are in real time, are listed on the Fetch Feed, and can be claimed by other members.

Want something delivered ASAP, browse the Fetch Feed and place an order with a someone whose already at a store or restaurant. It's a win-win.


How do I submit an Offer to Fetch?

When you Offer to Fetch, it's an immediate way to earn money without going out of your way.

  1. Open the Fetchstr app.
  2. Go to the `Fetch Feed`
  3. Tap `Offer to Fetch`


Can I limit the amount of people who receive my Offer to Fetch?

Yes! Whenever you choose to submit an Offer to Fetch, you must select who you wish to alert. You can choose from 3 options.

  1. Community: Other members in your local community.
  2. Friends: Your Fetchstr friends in the area.
  3. Home Base: Members who share the same office or dorm building.


Why do some offers on the Fetch Feed say `Claimed`?

An Offer to Fetch is marked with `Claimed`, when another member in the community selects an offer and places an order directly with that person.

Whenever you submit or receive an Offer to Fetch, it goes straight to the Fetch Feed. The feed, is a list of all offers happening around you, in real time. These offers are able to be claimed by others, and can only be claimed once. If you see an offer that interests you, claim it before someone else does!


How do I claim an offer?

An offer is claimed when you or someone chooses to place an order via the Fetch Feed.

  1. Open the Fetchstr app.
  2. Go to the `Fetch Feed`
  3. Browse the feed and tap on an offer that you want to claim. 
  4. Type what you want, and hit `Place order`


What are the requirements to submit an Offer to Fetch?

To submit an offer, you must be at least 18 years of age, and the information you provide us with is accurate, complete and current at all times. Fetchstr maintains a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy. To report any suspicious intoxication, please email us at

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