How do I place an order?

Placing an order? Simply browse local favorites or search for any place in your hood. Choose the store or restaurant that tickles your fancy, put together your order, enter the "Fetch Fee", enter your address and payment details, and that's it - your order will get placed and sent to the marketplace for someone to pick up!


When can I order?

You can order 24/7- 365!


How are the items delivered to me?

Once you place the order, members of the Fetchstr community will receive a notification to Fetch your order and earn the Fetch fee. Fetchstrs may travel by foot, bike, car or truck. We've yet to see a flying Fetchstr, but give it a few years.


Do I have to tip?

Whether you tip or not is completely up to you, but of course is always appreciated and encouraged if you received excellent service. When you pay for your order there is a spot for you to leave a tip. The tip along with the Fetch Fee goes 100% to your Fetchstr - we don't keep any of it!


Is there a minimum order charge?

No there is no minimum order charge, however there is a minimum Fetch Fee. The minimum Fetch Fee is $3.50.


Do you charge the same prices as the stores and restaurants?

We like funny, but not the funny business. The pricing is always exactly the same as in the stores and restaurants.

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