How do I pay for my orders?

When placing an order on the Fetchstr app, you pay your Fetchstr, the one who delivered your items. Your payment is completed 100% within the app.

The Fetch Fee calculation is completely up to you and it's determined before you even place your order. You can choose to leave an additional tip if you feel that your Fetchstr went above and beyond. Extra tips are not mandatory, but are always appreciated!
All money earned, Fetch Fee + Tips are then directly deposited to your Fetchstr's account.


When your Fetchstr arrives with your order, follow the 3 steps below to complete your transaction:

  1. On the order screen tap Continue to pay, once your Fetchstr has arrived
  2. Want to leave an extra tip? Enter any tip amount and tap Pay
  3. Tap Pay once more to complete the transaction


Need help? Tap 'Support' to contact our Support Team.