Reporting an issue or feedback

Need to report a technical issue about the Fetchstr app or send feedback about another member of the Fetchstr Community? If so, try these options:


Send feedback directly from the app

  1. Open the Fetchstr app
  2. Go to your Profile 
  3. Tap `Settings`
  4. Tap `Help & Support`


Send feedback about an order

Anytime you rate a user 3 stars or lower, you will have an opportunity to leave additional comments. Any submitted feedback is totally private and goes directly to the Fetchstr Support team. We typically get back to any feedback within 24 hours.


Life threatening situation

If you experience an accident, an issue which threatens your personal safety, please make sure to take the appropriate steps to protect yourself and get to a safe place. If necessary, call the authorities by dialing 911.


Need help? Tap 'Support' to contact our Support Team.