We built trust & safety into Fetchstr


We work hard to build and design features that better protect everyone in the Fetchstr community. While we strive to create a fun and laid back lifestyle, we are constantly working to keep the community safe. We also ask our Fetchstr community to help by letting us know if they come across any inappropriate users. If you believe another person is offensive, or attempting to deceive users on our app, please report this user immediately so we can investigate further and take appropriate action, which may include blocking that user.

Plus, we're here to answer any questions you might have. Most importantly, we’re committed to getting better every day.



Below are some great tools built into Fetchstr to make this happen.



Know more about a user before you engage

trust icons-04.png


Whether you're ordering or fetching, users rate each other after every delivery



Call or message each other directly from the app

trust icons-03.png


Order or fetch with confidence by discovering mutual friendships within the Fetchstr community

Still have questions?
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