Why do I see a charge I don't recognize?

If you didn't place an order on Fetchstr or see a charge from Fetchstr that you don't recognize, we're here to help investigate. 

Temporary card authorization: If you see a charge that you don't recognize it is likely a card authorization. Like many companies, Fetchstr uses authorizations to verify your payment info. When you update your payment method, or place an order, you may see a pending transaction on your payment method. This is only temporary and is done to verify your payment info.

Unauthorized charge: If a charge that isn't any of the above posts to your account, tap 'Support' below so you can drop us a line and we can look into your situation.

When contacting Support for a charge, please have the following info ready:

  • Last four digits of your card number
  • Card's expiration date
  • Date of charges
  • Total amount of unauthorized charges


For more information, please reach out to our support team.